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Unprinted bakery products bags

- in widths from 130 mm to 420 mm for automatic packaging bags and from 100 mm to 430 mm for manual packaging bags,
- in lengths between 250 mm and 530 mm for automatic packaging bags and between 200 mm and 600 mm for manual packaging bags


In our assortment you will find polypropylene bags for bread made of high quality PP Cast film and their slightly cheaper counterpart, i.e. bags made of polyethylene LDPE film.

Film packaging for bread is indispensable in the process of bread distribution: it protects food products from dirt and moisture and allows them to keep the desired shape. Unprinted bread bags are the most convenient solution: they are durable and allow you to pack bread tightly, while being relatively inexpensive. Transparent unprinted bags also expose the product: the customer can easily choose the type of bread he is interested in. Not only bakeries, but also stores that distribute bread should invest in film packaging for bread; film packaging for bread keeps the product fresh for a longer time. Thin, sturdy bags are a convenience not only for the retailer, but also for the customer because they can easily pack their bread in their shopping bag. The retailer also gains assurance that the bread has not been touched by unwanted people and has been protected from contamination during transport. In the era of the pandemic, proper packaging of food products has become a priority: some stores have decided to introduce top-down packaged bread. While the loosening of restrictions has allowed for a return to previous solutions, additional safeguards are a good, growing practice. Use film packaging for this purpose: low cost goes hand in hand with high durability.

Film bread packaging is primarily the most convenient way to distribute and store sliced bread. While a whole loaf of bread can easily be packed in a larger paper bag, an airtight seal is essential for sliced bread. Film packaging for bread will work best in this role; they are universal, so it is possible to adjust the bag to the dimensions of the product. With unprinted bread bags, not only loaves but also smaller pieces of bread can be packed. Many bakeries offer not only sliced products, but also the option to cut the type of bread of their choice on the spot; often customers can also opt for a smaller quantity of bread. Handy film bread packaging allows for a more flexible offer: the customer chooses how many slices of a particular bread they need, and an employee cuts the right amount on a slicer and packs it in a convenient film bag, then secures the rest of the loaf. The bread stays fresh and the slices don't get mixed up and squished in the package. If you run a bakery or grocery store offering fresh bread, bet on practical film packaging - it's convenient for both customers and employees. Whether your business is large-scale bread production or you run a small neighborhood bakery, it's a good idea to invest in packaging that allows you to store bread and more with ease.

When choosing film packaging for bread it is worth to pay attention first of all to the material from which it was made: in our offer you will find bags of high quality polypropylene film PP or cheaper, but also reliable bags of polyethylene film LDPE. Bags made of film are durable and allow for effective protection of bread in such a way as to ensure convenient transport and storage. It is also worth paying attention to the size of the bags: this is especially important in the case of a wide range, in which there are various types of bread. Larger film bags can also be used successfully for smaller loaves or sliced bread pieces on the slicer - you can wrap them in the desired way when packing by hand. Our assortment also includes film bags for bread that fit into automatic bread packing machines. As an experienced manufacturer of film packaging we focus on the highest quality; by choosing our universal unprinted bread bags you don't have to worry about film thickness or dimensions either. We complete orders from as few as 3000 pcs.: smaller companies do not need to order several thousand bags and organize space to store them. We guarantee fast and hassle-free order fulfillment: if you need high-quality film bags for bread packaging, please feel free to contact us. We will help you choose the best solution and prepare an attractive offer.