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Printed bakery products bags

For manufacturers who just want to start packaging their products in printed bread bags, we suggest using our standard designs. By choosing one of them you pay only for one descriptive matrix with product data, composition and the name of the Bakery.

For companies that want to create an individual, recognizable imprint, we offer a comprehensive service of designing modern graphic patterns including further purchase of matrices and imprinting packaging

Are you looking for a universal solution to protect various types of bakery products? Film bags for bakery products are the best solution! They are inexpensive, yet very effective, as they protect not only from dirt, but also from moisture with optimal water vapor permeability. Film packaging for bakry products is characterized by high transparency, which facilitates product identification. Such a solution is a great convenience not only for employees but also for customers who attach great importance to hygienic issues. They don't have to organise their own bakery products packaging or think about transport - bread packed in a film bag can easily be put into a shopping bag, purse or backpack. There's a reason so many people choose film-wrapped bread - not just when shopping at the supermarket, but also at smaller grocery stores or bakeries. For this reason, bread manufacturers are taking extra precautions with their products, and many bakeries and grocery stores are following suit. If you're thinking about introducing film packaging, printed bread bags are the best choice: they're convenient and durable, and printing makes identification easy and can be an additional way to advertise.

Convenient film printed packaging allows, above all, to protect bakery products from dirt and moisture. However, the packaging surface can be used even further: transparent printed bags with the print that includes most important information can be supplemented with the company logo. Both traditional bread and various types of bread should be additionally described, so that customers can recognize their favorite products at first glance. An interesting print attracts attention: if you deliver bread to larger stores, printed bread bags will make your products stand out. Such a solution does not have to be expensive at all! In our offer you will find printed film packaging for bread with a standard design, supplemented with your company data at an attractive price. film bread bags are especially useful for sliced bread: they allow you to protect the loaves so that they do not lose their shape. So since buying packaging is a necessary expense, it is worthwhile to additionally advertise your products: Printed bread bags are a simple yet effective way to get your company logo out to a wider audience. The additional cost of this solution is only the price of an additional description matrix. We also do custom printing on request; if you don't want to use a pre-made template, we will take care of creating a new design. You don't have to worry about anything - just place your order and we will produce printed film packaging for your company. It is worth investing in an additional imprint, especially in the case of bakery products with special ingredients: a special marking distinguishing millet bread, corn bread or gluten-free bread will make shopping easier. This will ensure that your company's products reach even the most demanding customers. Color printing on film packaging is a small expense and a big gain - see how much difference additional product labeling can make.

We are a reputed manufacturer of film packaging for bread: we provide our customers with high quality bags made of polypropylene film. We also produce polyethylene film packaging, which can be used for more than just packaging bread. In our offer you will find packaging of standard dimensions and packaging for automatic packaging. More and more companies are opting for printed film packaging - join them if you want to differentiate your products and further advertise your brand. Proper protection of baked goods is extremely important for the distribution and storage process. Don't risk bread and other products arriving in poor condition - invest in film packaging to ensure your customers receive the highest quality. In our assortment you will find film bags at attractive prices; if you are looking for reliable solutions, we invite you to contact us. Not only will we fulfill your order for film packaging, but we will also make professional prints - standard or custom designed for our customers.