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Tripak – film packaging for bread - packing bread

Our team consists of people who have been cooperating with the baking industry for many years and have extensive experience in meeting the needs of even the most demanding customers. We can choose the right food film bags to your needs.


We are well aware that the features of a good supplier are: punctuality and very good product quality. Packing bread in bread bags is a task that should be devoted to specialists in your industry - just us.


Proper display of food products and their protection against quality violations are extremely important issues that must be taken into account by all companies involved in the production of bread. No wonder that film packaging enjoys unflagging popularity.


We offer bread bags in a variety of sizes:

- in widths from 130 mm to 420 mm for automatic packaging bags and from 100 mm to 430 mm for manual packaging bags,
- in lengths between 250 mm and 530 mm for automatic packaging bags and between 200 mm and 600 mm for manual packaging bags


 For manufacturers who want to start packaging their products in printed bread bags, we suggest using our standard designs. By choosing one of them you pay only for one descriptive matrix with product data, composition and the name of the Bakery.


For companies that want to create an individual, recognizable imprint, we offer a comprehensive service of designing modern graphic patterns including further purchase of matrices and imprinting packaging.