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Bread labels

Quick shopping and throwing products into a basket in a hurry are increasingly giving way to slower, yet more conscious choices. Poles pay more attention to what they eat - they read product labels, compare ingredients and analyze prices; this trend also applies to bread. But how can you tell if a bread is made with organic flour or has no additional raising agents or other undesirable ingredients? Producers are obliged to label their products - in the case of bread this is even more important because at first glance it is not easy to distinguish bread baked with special flour from traditional bread. Bread labels are a simple way to make the bread selection process easier for all customers; well-designed, easy-to-read stickers let you know all the important details. Bread labels primarily contain composition information, which is especially important for people with food intolerances and allergies. Merely the name of the type of bread is not enough - bread labels should also list the ingredients used to make the bread and the nutritional value. With labels, the manufacturer has the opportunity to meet the obligation imposed on him by the Act on Food and Nutrition Safety, according to which it is necessary to inform about the composition of products. Customers will appreciate the easy-to-read bread labels, which allow them to see the most important information about the bread they choose. Bread without any sticker or label on the package is just plain bread - if you offer something more, it's definitely worth emphasizing the product's qualities to further attract attention. Self-designed labels printed on the company's printer are the fulfillment of the obligation contained in the standards and laws, but they do not have much to do with marketing. Instead of such apparent savings, it is better to invest in professional labels and stickers for baked goods; they contain all the most important information and provide consumers with information about the company.

Bread labels do not have to contain only the list of ingredients and use-by dates - on the contrary, it is worth using them as additional advertising and building brand awareness among consumers. You can provide your company data and put your logo on it - an aesthetic label will attract attention and distinguish the product from other available on store shelves. In the case of organic bread made of natural ingredients, it is worth emphasizing this information - more and more people are reaching for products with the best ingredients, so if your offer includes high-quality bread, you can make it easier for them to choose. A well-designed label informing about the ingredients brings to mind professionalism and high quality - sometimes so little is needed to distinguish your company from many others. If your products have certificates and quality marks, this information must also be on the label - show your customers your achievements! The labels available in our offer are available in many interesting variants - you will certainly choose something for your company. A designer label with an expressive logo, or on the contrary - a simple, minimalist sticker in which the eye is primarily attracted by information about quality? Think about how you want to present your offer to customers and take advantage of all the possibilities offered by professional bread labels.

In our assortment you will find carefully designed and manufactured bread labels in many sizes - for both large loaves of bread and smaller products. We pay special attention to the legibility of our labels, so that customers reaching for your products can easily read the list of ingredients and possible allergens. The labels are produced from high quality paper and the abrasion resistant print remains legible even after a long transport of bread. Aesthetic and legible labels do not have to be expensive: see how low-cost you can make a difference and change the look of your products. We pay great attention to detail - if you too are focused not only on the big picture, but all the details, contact us. We guarantee that in our offer you will find for yourself many interesting proposals.